What Is Your Purpose in Life? Are You an Eagle?

Are you a chicken or an Eagle? Read on this story and then ask yourself that question again. A naturalist was driving when passed a farm where he could not believe what he saw. In the middle of chicken, there was a full-grown eagle, not chasing and clawing any chicken, but gently pecking grains on the enclosure floor. He stopped, totally stunned by what he was witnessing, and asked the farmer to tell him the story about this eagle. “I picked him when he was still young and never gave him anything else but chicken feed. oros.store

I trained him to be just a chicken and he never learned how to fly. He behaves just like chicken and does not think of himself as an eagle. ” the naturalist answered that still the eagle must know deep inside himself that he could fly, if taught how to. After discussing this matter, the two men agreed to give the eagle a chance to try, and see if it was possible. The naturalist took the eagle in his arms, and said to him, “you belong to the high skies and not to earth. Stretch out your wing and fly. ” skywings

The eagle seems to be still confused, and jumped out of his arms to join the chicken. Still not disappointed and still hopeful about his mission, the naturalist took up the eagle again and took him up higher to the roof. And told him. “you are and eagle, a majestic bird. You belong to the high skies. stretch out your wing and soar!” But the eagle seems to be afraid of his self, and once again he jumped out away and hurried out to join his fellow chickens. affluentwords

A few days later the naturalist took the eagle in his arms, and drove out to a very high mountain. Then he held the king of birds and perked him up, telling him, “you are an eagle, you belong to the high skies and open spaces. Stretch out your ample wings and soar!” The eagle took a last glance toward the farm way out, and then to the sky. Then the naturalist lifted the eagle toward the sun, and then something happened. The eagle started to tremble with great nervousness, and very slowly started to spread out his ample majestic wings. And finally, with a screech, he soared very high above everything to the high open skies and heavens. Blogline

The eagle in this story represent our mistaken identity; we are, you are unlimited with potential. Ask yourself; are you a chicken or an eagle? Are you born to peck on the floor for grain or is your destiny to soar the highest of skies in the open and wide spaces?

Often we think of ourselves as little creatures, with no much of a great destiny and mission in this nitty-gritty live of ours. Then one day something happens and we find out we have true potential to make a big difference in our life. Then things start to happen, and suddenly we see that we excel in our new life, and soar high above the simple life we used to live. So, are you a chicken or an eagle?