22 Ways to Make Money as a Writer

When most people think of writers, they think of fiction writers struggling to produce great novels. With the exception of those very few writers who make bestseller lists, far more writers make a living in various sorts of business, technical, and nonfiction writing than in any other writing job. So here are 22 ways to make money as a writer. usf95zone

Technical Writing

Technical writing is great for writers who have good technical aptitude. Technical writers these days are often software documentation writers, but many are writers documenting hardware (anything from washing machines to aircraft carriers), medical and pharmaceutical products, and other technical subjects. techmagazinenews

Of course, you need more than just writing skills to be a good tech writer. You’ve also got to be able to learn technical material by reading engineering documents (specs in the software business), talk with SMEs (that’s Subject Matter Experts), and work with the actual product (unless it’s a nuclear warhead or something similar!). Your goal is to acquire a thorough knowledge of the product so you can then turn around and explain it in your document.

Technical Editing

Technical editing is related to technical writing. It’s the editing of technical documents, and requires not only skill in editing, but also an understanding of the technical subject matter so that you can identify possible errors in intelligent queries to the author.

Document Management

Document management is the processes and systems of managing an organization’s documents. Sounds a little dry, perhaps, but in industries like pharmaceuticals, for example, it’s absolutely crucial for an organization to have rigorous systems in place to track their documents through the writing, editing, and submission proces s. You don’t really want your drug company to lose the patient information sheet on someone’s individual hard drive, do you? renownednews

Medical Writing

Medical writing includes a variety of fields: writing about pharmaceuticals, medical products, medicine and its specialties, and others. Often medical writing, in addition to its scientific nature, requires attention to regulatory or other requirements that writers need to know.

Scientific Writing

Scientific writing is a subset of technical writing. Probably a plurality of tech writers today work in the software industry, producing either programmer or user documentation. Science writers, however, are typically a little closer to pure research, whether working with researchers in various fields of scientific endeavor to bring their articles to publication, writing documents required for regulatory approval, or perhaps grant proposals for scientific research.

Instructional Design

Instructional design (ID for those in the know) is the design of learning. (For lay people, that’s the design of training, except trainers like to focus on the learners, not themselves.) It’s by all means a field in its own right, yet there is some crossover especially between technical writing and ID. The training world has moved in recent years from CBT (computer-based training) to WBT (web-based training) to e-learning (also written elearning), online learning, and distance learning. xnxx

Usability and Interface Design

Usability for web sites and software programs refers to the ability of the intended users to intuitively navigate through the functions and achieve whatever their missions might be. Interface design is the art and science of creating usable web sites and software.

Nonfiction Writing

If you want to get published and make money in books or magazines, nonfiction is almost always the way to go. Sure, every now and then you read about a success in fiction such as Harry Potter, but nonfiction writers usually succeed far more than fiction writers.

Marketing Communication (Marcom)

Marketing writing – that is, writing in a marketing frame of mind, not marketing your own writing – is, like technical writing, among the sorts of writing that allow for a regular paycheck. And there are those who would say it suits would-be fiction writers, too, though we will venture no opinion on the subject!

Writing Advertising Copy (Copywriting)

Writing advertising copy is another writing job that actually pays regularly, like marketing communication and technical writing. If you really want to write and get paid for it, that’s hard to beat. techimpacter

Public Relations (PR) Writing

Writing PR – public relations – is the art of disseminating information to the media so that they print or broadcast your copy for free (unlike advertising copywriting or marketing communication). And yes, it’s also a writing job that actually pays regularly.

Proposal Writing