How to Get Ripped Abs – Lose That Belly Fat by Getting This Key Hormone Under Control

If you want to know how to get ripped abs, what you really, savegeeks need to know is how to reduce your levels of body fat. This is the key challenge. You can do plenty of abdominal exercises and develop the most magnificent six pack on the block, but if it’s covered by a layer of fat, it will remain hidden.

So the question is: how do you reduce your body fat and reveal those superb abs? The answer lies in becoming aware of the hormone that controls fat storage in your body, creditcana – how it works, and how to get it under control.

This hormone isĀ insulin. Insulin is produced by your pancreas in response to elevated levels of blood sugar. You see, every kind of food you eat is eventually turned into glucose (sugar) by your body – this is your body’s fuel supply.

However, some foods are more rapidly turned into glucose than others. Of course, refined sugar and sugar-rich products will quickly enter the bloodstream as glucose, but so will many other carbohydrates, too. Products made of white flour like bagels and waffles, and other starchy foods like rice and potatoes.

These foods are what are known as ‘high-glycemic’, and when you ingest them, you’re basically flooding your bloodstream with glucose. Now this is fine if you’re going to do something, expresstrue strenuous enough to use it up. But if there’s unused glucose running through your bloodstream your body has to do something with it.

This is where insulin comes in. Insulin gets rid of this excess glucose by telling your body to store it as fat. It’s this process that explains why so many people are overweight; it’s not so much all of the fat they’re eating, it’s the amount of high-glycemic, fat storage-promoting foods they consume. When they do this, they don’t use up the glucose that is produced, so their bodies store it as fat.

Bad news for them, but understanding this process is, timesgym enlightening for anyone who wants to shed body fat. The answer, quite simply, is to eliminate or greatly restrict high-glycemic foods. This does however beg the question of where your body will get its energy. The answer is surprising to many people: it’s fat. Yes, fat!

Using fat as your main energy supply is doing things the way nature intended. Using primarily carbohydrates for energy is – in evolutionary terms – a relatively recent development; oculuscredit it began with the emergence of agriculture (and a grain-based diet) about 10,000 years ago.

Before then, humans would have relied mainly on the fat from the animals they hunted as their chief form of fuel. Carbohydrates – from fruits and vegetables – would have played a secondary role.

Once you understand this, shedding body fat becomes relatively easy. True, when you make the transition to relying mainly on fat for energy, there is an uncomfortable phase of a week, depotblue or two when your body makes the adjustment. But this can be assuaged by eating plenty of healthy fats – like olive oil and fat-rich foods like avocados and nuts.

Once you’ve made that transition, as well as becoming leaner, your energy levels will increase and you’ll wonder how you managed on carbs for all those years!