The Key to a Happy Valentine’s Day While Still Saving Money and Expressing Your Love

Have you ever planned a special day, be it Birthday, Anniversary or Valentines day and it just all fell flat? You thought that the person you were wanting to make feel special would love what you had planned but instead, they weren’t really impressed at all. Very often what has happened is just that you haven’t taken happybell into account that the other person isn’t excited about the things that excite you. Gift giving can be a tricky thing. The best way to decide on a gift is to think of all the things that make your valentine smile. What music do they like, what movies do they like, what’s their favorite color? wealth4living Think of what is important to them.

Men and women’s values are different so they respond to the same things differently Women love sentiment and men don’t really care about it all that much. Men are very practical (not that women aren’t) sabkobol and women are more sentimental. In other words what rings her bells may not ring his bells. When love to know you have been thinking about them. They love that you did something that was out of your comfort zone for them. That means that you must really care. I know it might sound weird to a guy but it matters to us girls. If you aren’t a good cook then she might love that you tried to cook a meal for her. Make it breakfast if dinner is too tricky. Better you mess it up a bit than buy take away as that is too easy. home4cloud

The key to having a happy Valentine’s day is┬áto appreciate what makes you both happy and don’t expect your partner to want what you want. If you want him to do something different then don’t get upset with him if he tries it and he gets it wrong. Guys hate to be wrong or seen as a failure even more than women do. It seems to reflect their manhood somehow in their eyes, so praise him for trying.

When we focus on the intention we can look past whether things worked out well or not Be grateful for any attempt at an expression of caring no Casino enligne matter how big or small. The main thing is that your loved one is trying to express what is in their heart and some of us are better at expressing emotion than others. If roses and chocolates is what he does, smile and be grateful. If a card is all he can muster, be grateful. If it comes two days late… well at least it came. And if it doesn’t come at all well maybe he/she doesn’t know how important it is to you to be remembered.

Focus on how you want your loved one to feel about you more than on what they are giving you and you may be pleasantly surprised. What you focus on always manifests so focus on your Valentines good points and let them surprise you with how they express their love to you. Here are some NO COST gift ideas for Valentines Day that you may enjoy: Chicago Moving Company


    1. Time to unwind- her way- Your gift could be to take the kids out for a few hours so she can relax, do her nails, have a bath, read a book in the sun, chat to her girlfriends uninterrupted, anything she likes.


  1. Time to unwind- his way- Give him a weekend with the guys- if he is working too hard and finds it hard to have time out suggest he get the guys together for a basketball game, a game of golf or just to stay in a watch the football with the guys

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